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Want To Add A Contemporary Charm To Traditional Dresses-Traditional Wear Designer in Dubai

Want To Add A Contemporary Charm To Traditional Dresses-Traditional Wear Designer in Dubai
The fashion industry in UAE has changed drastically over past few decades. A country which was known for stringent laws pertaining to dressing of women is now emerging as the next fashion capital of the world. UAE and especially Dubai is now incredibly evolving as the most fashion conscious city in the world. All thanks to some of the immensely creative and innovative fashion designers who have dynamically changed the definition of fashion in this Emirate.


Earlier, women used to prefer only the traditional wear, but now they are experimenting with all kinds of attires and fashion clothing. But, this has not reduced the attraction for the traditional wear, and Galia Fahd traditional wear designer at Danat Al Afrah Dubai who offers authentic traditional dresses with a hint of modernity to present variety in the dresses.

Galia Fahd‘ boutique is among the known for the most extraordinary traditional wear designer in Dubai offering glimpse of cultural tradition of Dubai and antique styles in our designed dresses. Being a leading traditional dress designer in Dubai, our aim is to project the traditional and cultural dresses hailing from middle east in a modern light in order to bring our fashion on the global front.

Galia Fahd takes extreme care while designing the traditional dresses right from the sketching phase, and ensure that the dress possesses all the elements of authentic wear while flaunting some of the trendy and modish touches. By deriving inspiration from some of the renowned brands, Galia Fahd as traditional wear dress designer in Dubai try to cater her customers with some unique designs and contemporary cuts, but at the same time Galia Fahd adds an element of authenticity. This differentiates us from other designers who are only designing for the modern clientele.

Our aim is to keep our culture alive by presenting our fashion in a unique yet contemporary manner. Danat Al Afrah caters to a wide array of clients including the ones from GCC, Russia, Nigeria, Africa, America and Europe as well.