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The Top Light Wear Muslim Dresses Trends For 2015


Adherents of the Muslim culture and Islam believe that the Muslim women clothing must be a representation of sophistication and elegant looks, and should not exhibit the bold looks. Galia Fahd, at Danat Al Afrah-Dubai understands the Muslim fashion completely and design the perfect dresses for evenings, cocktail dress, weddings and the light wear casual dresses as well.

Designing modesty oriented dresses one the key ideas that Galia Fahd follows at Danat Al Afrah-Dubai to design and create the best Muslim dresses. Here are top light dressing trends for Muslim for 2015.

Caftans, which look much alike tunics, can be worn as evening wears and light dresses. The long stylish and trendy sleeves of the caftans look beautiful and elegant while making you stand apart from crowd. Galia Fahd designs the best caftans and embellish the sleeves to distinguish them from other dresses. Flowy caftans reaching the floors look ideal for girls with lean bodies.

Long Skirts
The girls who want to flaunt their trendy looks at an evening party of simply, a day out can opt to wear long skirts. Pair your long skirts with sandals or chic flats and long sleeved tops to unleash your trendy side. A pair of stylish earrings would look perfect with your long skirt look.

Maxi Dresses
Long. Printed or solid maxi dresses are perfect dresses to pair with hijab or to be worn without it. You can glam up your long, to the ground, maxi dresses with glittery jewellery and heels. Another idea to exhibit a completely different look is to wear a nice jacket over the dresses the winter approaches. A long cardigan would also look nice with your maxi dress.

These are a few light wear Muslim dresses trends which you can follow to stylize your simple evening wears and light dresses this year. There are a variety of styles in which you can experiment with these dresses.

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