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Now Enjoy A New Collection Every Season From Us

Now Enjoy A New Collection Every Season From Us
When it comes to variety, we observe it in every spec of our life. For instance, every season is different from another. Winters come with a chilly feeling while summers make you sweat badly, however there are other seasons which are not very extreme and give us a pleasant weather to enjoy. Like the variety of seasons throughout the year, we also give our clients and customers a variety in clothes and dresses, designed specifically for different seasons considering the weather conditions and the styles that look perfect in different weathers.

Galia Fahd at Danat Al Afrah Dubai understand the requisites of her clients and how dresses should be designed for different seasons. When you choose Galia Fahd as your styling partner, we ensure that we will deliver the best results in terms of different styled clothes perfectly suiting summers, winters and other weathers. While we design clothes using darker shades and heavier fabrics for winters, we choose the lighter shades and even lighter fabrics for designing clothes for summers. Also, we use sequins, stones and other embellishments according to the season.

We completely understand what shades work best in different seasons, and depending on those shades we choose the best fabrics that will let those shades reveal their optimum beauty and ensure that all the dresses are festooned as per the trends for that season. Our designers draw inspiration from some of the top designers of the world and design dresses inspired from the world-class fall-winter and fall-summer collections, to give our customers a unique variety and an awe-inspiring collection of dresses to choose from.

Apart from this, we also indulge in custom designing of the clothes and our designers can work with you to custom design your dress as per your specifications and requirements. You can completely rely on our team as they work in close association with you right from the sketching stage to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

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