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Make Your Wedding Dress Luxurious via Fancy Fabrics and Laces

Make Your Wedding Dress Luxurious via Fancy Fabrics and Laces

Do you want to get a luxurious look in your wedding ceremony? Do you want to look gorgeous in the special day of your life? If yes, you should definitely approach a leading designer Galia Fahd, Fashion Designer and Consultant at Danat Al Afrah Dubai. You should always keep in your mind that the fabric type used in the wedding dress can make or break your wedding dress. Hence, in order to give yourself luxurious yet special look in your wedding, Danat Al Afrah Dubai usually prefer for few unique style of wedding collections with the help of fabrics and Chantilly laces, as mentioned in this blog post.

Bridal Satin
Bridal Satin is a smooth type of fabric made with the help of synthetic fiber within a tight weave. This type of special fabric leads to a luxurious shine. Best thing about any of the bridal satin fabrics is that they are available widely in rayon, acetate, polyester and silk.

Similar to bridal satin, Danat Al Afrah Dubai also put her efforts to design wedding dresses, traditional dresses and other exclusive collections by using Chiffon fabrics. These are of lightweight, transparent and sheer fabrics available with soft feelings and delicate appearance. Since this is a season-less type of fabric, so you can prefer for Chiffon fabric for all seasons. Another fact about chiffon fabric is that it serves as an ideal option for various flowing designs.

Galloon or Chantilly Laces
Chantilly laces are possibly the best possible types of laces preferred by Danat Al Afrah Dubai in her innovative designer collections. Chantilly lace is delicate and fine, while possesses hexagonal and lightweight mesh background. Moreover, motifs of these laces remain outlined in the form of heavy-size silky thread as well as exhibit eye-catching shading effects. Therefore, with ultimate combination of Danat Al Afrah fashion design skills and top quality of fabrics as well as laces, you will expect to get luxurious wedding dress for your memorable wedding ceremony.

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