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How to Choose a Perfect Dress for your Body Type

How to Choose a Perfect Dress for your Body Type
Every person is unique & beautiful in their own ways. But every woman finds some sort of figure flaws that limits her from trying certain dresses however that doesn’t mean those flaws cannot be adjusted or hide out. The easiest yet effective solution for this is to understand your own Body Type.

Yes, there are some particular types of Body Shapes which are referred to as “Body Types”. So, every woman has her body categorized under a particular Body Type. Before that understand all categories of different “Body Types” which are:

Pear Shaped Body: If you are heavy on the bottom side then you have Pear Shaped Body Type. For such body types, the best dresses are classic A-Line dresses, dresses with flares at bottom or dresses forming an “A” from waist to floor means dresses that float away from your hips as well as thighs. A V-neckline is also a better choice.

Apple Shaped Body: If you are heavy on top side while narrow on bottom side then you have Apple Shaped Body Type. The perfect types of dresses will be those with scooped necklines since these will open up wearer’s face while displaying décolletage but in an elegant way. A slight dip (making a sweetheart neckline) is also a good choice. Don’t go for a style that goes straight across.

Rectangle Shaped Body: If you are equal on top, bottom & waist, then you are Rectangle shaped. Make use of statement accessories around waist to make an illusion of waist.

Hourglass Shaped Body: If you are equal on top & bottom while curvy at waist then you have a Hourglass Shaped Body Type. Well anything can suit this body type since this is termed as ‘Perfect’ figure.

If you keep your Body Type in your mind while shopping, you will be able to accentuate and highlight your positive traits while at the same time downplay certain areas & features of body which are ‘Not So Perfect’. But if you are still confused or don’t have time to check so many do’s and don’ts list then allow us help you with designing dresses customized as per your Body Type here at Danat Al Afrah Dubai.

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