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How to accessorize your dress with stylish conservative capes

How to accessorize your dress with stylish conservative capes?

Once you have found a perfect dress for you or an elegant evening gown, the next step is to accessorize it with the stylish and trendy accessories to add the finishing touches. A cape is an iconic accessory and you can try a cape with your wedding dress or an evening gown to give yourself an authentic and sophisticated look with elegance and style.

Think beyond the regular accessories
Accessories add a unique and stylish touch to your look, and if you use the elite accessories, the elegance is what you get. If you are being getting married in a traditional Arabic Muslim style or are attending a Muslim event, it is always a good idea to use the accessories that not just cover your body but give you a conservative look as well. As far as stylish cape are concerned, there are endless options.

What to consider before getting accessorized with a cape?
The key to choose a cape is to select the one that strikes a perfect contrasting balance with your gown. For instance, if the gown is filled with heavy embellishments, it is always wise to choose a flowing fabric with a royal and sophisticated look and the vice-versa to stylize yourself with a cape.

For a simple and elegant gown, a beaded cape with scalloped edges, a feather bolero or a bold sequined cape would look best. Lastly, it is always a good idea to match the design with your gown but avoid the ones that completely mimic the gown’s embellishments. You do not need to look too matchy with your stylish conservative cape.

Galia Fahd-Fashion Designer and Consultant at Danat Al Afrah-Dubai, offers the best capes with and without embellishments to give you a sophisticated look. Galia Fahd’s capes are designed by her finest designers who ensure that they are second to none in looks and in quality. Galia Fahd also designs custom capes to match specific dresses or gowns.

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