Galia Fahd - The Fashion Designer

Galia Fahd Unveils New Designs in Dubai-UAE



Ms. Galia Fahd-Fashion Designer & Consultant at Danat Al Afrah Dubai, specialized in custom-made designing of wedding dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses and traditional dresses in Dubai-UAE.

Designs approximating the gravity and charm with high-end equipoise in the flow and thrills. Pleated fabrics have taken various shapes carved and tightened accurately to highlight the fine sewing.

With her enchanting style she began some balanced and confident steps at her house which was established to tell the story of dream of every lady belonging to this wonderful world.

This was her dream since the childhood, so, she began her career studying fashion trends from its wider doors. She studied and employed her full potential and stunned the world with the sculptures created by her hands in the pattern of fashion trends of Paris and Rome.

In short, this is the international designer Galia Al Fahd who began her tour in the world of fashions, as she studied at the ESMOD INTERNATIONAL FASHION INSTITUTE & UNIVERSITY GROUP of advanced fashion design in Paris, where she graduated in 1998 and pursued business management and marketing in 2004.

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