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Galia Fahd-Muslim Arabic Fashion Designer introducing conservative wedding-occasional wear dress in Europe

Galia Fahd-Muslim Arabic Fashion Designer is introducing conservative wedding / occasional wear dress in Europe

galia-fahd-conservative wedding-dress-europe

Today, women certainly have more choices than ever when it comes to wedding, and especially for the bride, the wedding is the most special occasion and the wedding dress the most significant part of the wedding. In this day and age, when women across the globe are shaking up the foundations and underpinning of the contemporary fashion, the Muslim Arabic women are keeping their culture arrive by wearing the traditional dresses with contemporary touch.

Galia Fahd is one of the leading wedding dress designers hailing from Dubai. Galia Fahd indulges herself in designing one of the best wedding, casual and formal dresses for women with all sorts of tastes, right from contemporary fashion dresses to conventional and traditional Arabic dresses. In her strive to give the Muslim Arabic fashion a global platform; Galia Fahd is introducing the traditional fashion of Arab in Europe.

The wedding dresses flaunted by Muslim Arabic women are often the modest dresses, with an abaya, and are festooned with a variety of embellishments and beadworks that make them look extremely stunning and attractive. Often designed in bright colours and elaborate work, these dresses make the beautiful Muslim Arabic women look at their best. Galia Fahd is a renowned dress designer who not only maintains the traditional factor in her wedding dresses, but also introduces a contemporary touch to make them suitable as per the current fashion. By amalgamating tradition with modern fashion in a unique way, she presents her designs in an highly attractive way and this is one of the cardinal reasons that her designs are appreciated across the globe.

She uses the best fabrics for the dresses, and chooses the embellishments that work perfectly with the fabric on which they are being used. By drawing inspiration from some of the renowned designers across the globe, she offers beautiful dresses with unique cuts and adorable styles.

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