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Different Techniques of Beading To Make Your Dresses Look Elaborate And Trendy

Different Techniques of Beading To Make Your Dresses Look Elaborate And Trendy


Beadwork of any sort, if done with right technique, certainly enhances the look of a dress at Danat Al Afrah our team designers managed by Galia Fahd pays lots of attention for such details and Embellishments like beading, work best when applied with right technique and neatness, whether done with hands or with the help of a machine.

We have the best team beaders with high experienced at Danat Al Afrah manged by Galia Fahd, taking bead patron usually done by designer and than assigned to bead sample maker to show two to three samples for approval from assistant designer, than can start full dress beading. Beading though looks very complicated, but there are some simple techniques of beading which are mostly sufficient to craft even the most complex designs.

Embellishments like bead, Swarovski crystals, marbles, and so many other beading materials  can be used in a variety of ways, such as, these can be sewn on in clusters, in traceries, which delineate the designs and styles of patterned fabrics, in a row or in any other random manner which the needle-crafter chooses. Any type of beading or trimming, however,  must be chosen to suit the fabric on which it is being done.

Techniques of Beading
Unlike regular wool or thread embroidery, there are actually very few type of stiches which are used for the bead embroidery. Here are some commonly used techniques of beading:

Single Bead Attachment
This technique includes adding one bead at a time on the fabric with an individual knot at the anchor’s back separately. This technique works best for tiny seed beads or with larger beads anchored with a seed bead.

In this technique, 3-5 beads are attached together on the fabric from the back. In order to follow this technique, you need to bring your needle from the back side through the fabric, insert 3-5 beads, and then lay those beads down and stich back through the fabric, making a row of beads which is fairly loose.

Back Stitch
This techniques of beading moves very quickly when you get accustomed to it and is very secure as well. It initiates like the couching and when 3-5 beads are inserted, and then you are required to stitch these beads to the surface of the fabric in a loose manner before bringing the sewing needle back up near the second bead through the fabric.