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A Perfect Bridal Dress Designer To Make Your Wedding A Dream Occasion

A Perfect Bridal Dress Designer To Make Your Wedding A Dream Occasion

Your wedding day is certainly the most special one, and a day that should always be planned perfectly well in advance to avoid any last-minute goof ups. Right from the childhood, the girls start imagining their wedding and their dream wedding dress, but when it comes to find out the real deal and buy the perfect dress, it can sometimes turn out to be the greatest challenge. At this time, you need a bridal dress designer in Dubai who can understand the specifications of the dress you have always dreamt of.

Galia Fahd-Fashion Designer and Consultant-Danat Al Afrah, being a leading bridal dress designer in Dubai possess a range of classic, trendy, chic and most importantly, eternal wedding dresses designed specifically to make your wedding day as ideal as you have always wanted it to be. Apart from our range of pre-designed wedding dresses, you can also choose to get a customized dress designed from our expert designers. Galia Fahd designs bespoke wedding dresses for our customers with their close involvement right from the sketching phase.

By deriving inspiration from some of the classiest designers across the globe, Galia Fahd delivers her customers some if the unique creations embellished by the most modish accessories, sequences and shiny flecks. What sets us apart as a primary bridal dress designer in Dubai is that all our wedding dresses are created with intricate handwork and we use the traditional English couture methods for pattern cutting, and we ensure that all our wedding dresses represent highest quality of fabric, designing and embellishments.

Galia Fahd, as the best bridal dress designers in Dubai offers truly luxurious service that perfectly suits your wedding day preparations. Our exquisite designs showcase flattering silhouette shapes which flow and drape beautifully. Galia Fahd never fail in sourcing the best fabrics from across the world to give your dress that exclusive touch of excellence.

Galia Fahd-Fashion Designer and Cosnultant-Danat Al Afrah, works with beads as well and all our beads are laser cut for adding clarity and precision but all are shaped by hands to give an authentic touch to each dress. Danat Al Afrah caters to a wide array of clients including the ones from GCC, Russia, Nigeria, Africa, America and Europe.